Novice   Team

 Our Houston Starz Theater On Ice Team has been together and competing for 10 years. We have grown and developed as a team, working together to build and perform exciting routines that take us to National and International competitions. We are excited that in the past years we have been awarded the title of Choreographic Exercise Gold Medalists, and our freeskate programs have also been awarded with many gold and silver placements. This upcoming year has a lot in store for Houston Starz TOI.


2017-2018 Season

National TOI Competition, in Geneva, Illinois - June 26-30, 2018


Head Coach:  Tammy Janoschak

Asst. Coach:   Ailsa Robertson

2017 - 2018 Team


Sophia Asif (1)

Cassie Brown (1)

Emily Brown (2*)

Hyrum Bullock (1)

Chloe Denson (4*)

Gianna Foster (8*)

Talia Long (4*)

Isabel Nguyen (4*)

Katie Nguyen (2*)

Lily Nguyen (2*)

Megan Nguyen (1)

Taylor Nguyen (5*)

Sara Peavy (2*)

Morgan Rincon (4*)

EmmaLee Rogers (3*)

Annabel Shen (2*)

Larissa Yakunovich (4*)

Natasha Yakunovich (4*)

Olivia Ye (2*)

* = years on team

Team Placements

2005 - Formation of Houston Starz TOI competing locally


2006 - Senior Division International 5th Place in FS
             Novice Division International 5th Place in FS


2007 - Novice Division International 6th Place in FS


2008 - Junior Division International Gold Medalists in CE

             National Gold Medalists in FS, International Bronze Medalists in FS


2009 - Junior Division International Gold Medalists in CE

             National & International Silver Medalists in FS
             Introductory Division International and National Gold Medalists in CE


2010 - Junior Division International Gold Medalists in CE                                                                                                                     International FS Bronze Medalists, Junior National Bronze Medalists


2011 - National Junior Gold Medalists in CE & Freeskate -  Nation's Cup Pewter Medalists


2012 - National Junior Gold Medalists and National Silver Medalists in CE


2013 - National Junior Silver Medalists


2014 - National Junior Pewter Medalists in FS

            1st Alternate to Nation's Cup World Championships.


2015 - National Junior Pewter Medalists

2016 - National Junior Bronze Medalists

2017 - Nations' Cup World Championships - USFSA Representative - TOP 10 Teams in the World

Freeskate  (FS) Programs

"Emotions" - 2016

"The Show Must Go On" - 2015

Choreographic Exercise (CE) Program

"The Storm" - 2016

"Rhapsody in Blue" - 2015