Intermediate   Team

Leena Bouchenni (1)

Emily Brown (1)

Sabrina Cowart (2*)

Chloe Denson (3*)

Bailey Jones (3*)

Talia Long (3*)

Katie Nguyen (1)

Lily Nguyen (1)

Sara Peavy (1)

Savannah Riapolov (2*)

Morgan Rincon (3*)

Natasha Yakunovich (3*)

Vanessa Yakunovich (3*)

Olivia Ye (1)

Angela Zhong (1)


Memorial City Tree Lighting performance

2015 - 2016 Preliminary Team

 Our Houston Starz Theater On Ice Team has been together and competing for 10 years. We have grown and developed as a team, working together to build and perform exciting routines that take us to National competitions. We are excited that in the past year we have been awarded National Silver medal. This upcoming year has a lot in store for Houston Starz TOI.


2016-2017 Season

National TOI Competition, in Evansville, IN - June 21-25, 2017


Head Coach:  Tammy Janoschak

Asst. Coach:   Taylor Gilmore

Team Placements

2015 - National Open 7th placement overall

2016 - National Preliminary Silver Medalists

2015-2016 Preliminary Team